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Knife sharpening Salt Lake City

This is Bradley Thibodeau, the founder & owner of Best Edge Sharpening. 


Welcome to our home page!  We specialize in hand crafted sharpening for professionals, home chefs and a carefully curated selection of new and vintage knives, tools, shears and accessories.  I can sharpen all blades with a hand-crafted technique. 

  • A fine-tuned technique allows me to identify subtle differences while approaching each knife sharpening differently.

  • My technique also allows room for modification, at not only the edge of the knife but the blade design as well.  Modification is extremely helpful is the knife has sustained past damage.

Best Edge Sharpening - Your Premier Knife Sharpener in the Salt Lake City Area

Whether it’s knife sharpening, tool sharpening or tool restoration, Best Edge Sharpening will have you back to work in no time!  Bradley & team has been mastering his craft for over 20 years and his dedication to serving the customer comes across in every blade.  We believe that high quality knife sharpening services should be accessible no matter your level of income.  We aim to deliver fast and reliable sharpening service while giving you back a blade that is greatly improved.  Drop-off your knives or tools by our storefront locations and we will sharpen and have them ready for pick up within a couple days.  The care and diligence put into every knife sharpened is the Best Edge difference.  While giving you top notch service, we also offer a variety of services to keep your knives and accessories performing like they were when you bought them!

The best time to sharpen your knives is when those suckers are dull and you’re considering buying a new set.  Save the money and make your current set of knives a family and kitchen staple in your household for years.  Through hand crafted sharpening, you can extend the life of your knives & blades up to ten years!  This saves time, money and the hassle of having to shop for the newest cutlery set each year.

Bradley’s experience serving the Salt Lake City community has made him a household name for customers & has led to recurring business that often turns to friendships in the area.  The knife sharpening craft begins with the determination of the sharpness you’d like your blades, shears or tools.  Once set, let the expertise of Best Edge Sharpening restore your own craft, while you sit back and enjoy the rest of life! 


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Mobile Tinting is offered for all service areas from

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Best Edge Sharpening

Basic Sharpening

Hand-crafted finish, EVERY SINGLE TIME

This is the standard service and cheapest service.  If you are a weekend cook or just want to extend the life of your blades, this is the service!  This service can be completed within a day or two and will make the dullest of blades slicing like brand new.


Stone Sharpening

All single bevel knives are sharpened by hand.  This process is taken to ensure the best edge is put on your knife.  Depending on the knife style, Best Edge Sharpening will finish on a different stone grit which is similar to the medium and fine stone sharpening for double-beveled knives.

Chip Repair

Chips happen, but this doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your trusty knife.  Depending on how severe the chip is, we can repair your knife without removing too much metal.  This will exponentially increase the life your knife. Routinely, if the chip isn’t too large, we can remove it in our knife sharpening process without the need to charge any additional fees.  If you’re not quite certain if your chipped knife of tool with cost extra, email or text us a picture of your knife and we can let you know!

Blade Thinning

After the wear and tear of repeated use and knife sharpening service, the edge of your blade will tend to move higher and higher onto the thicker handle portion of the knife.  Once this occurs, the geometry of your knife will be changed such that it often can feel dull even if the edge has been freshly sharpened.  When the blade starts creeping into the handle of the knife, we recommend thinning you knife.  Through this process, we remove metal from the side of the blade, typically two-thirds of the way down from the bottom.  Blade thinning creates a thinner bevel that will take a sharper edge and allow your knife to slice rather than wedge as you use it.

If you don’t know whether your knife is in need of thinning to restore its original blade, we recommend attempting to slice a carrot.  You should be able to cleanly slice the carrot without any wedging or cracking occurring.  Just like the rest of our services, if you’re not sure where your knife stands, text or email a picture to us and we’ll let you know what service (if any)
fits you!

Commercial Service

Working in the food industry typically means busy days on top of late nights.  Finding the time to sharpen knives can be hard to do.  That's why Best Edge Sharpening is the answer for you.  Our service offers convenience and precision sharpening direct to the business.  That's why at Best Edge, we make knife sharpening something that doesn't add time to your busy day!


Shoot a text or give us a call today at (385) 439-4715 or fill out the submission form to the right for your Free Quote!


Residential Service

From the occasional weekend cook to the at-home private chef, having a sharp blade is a game changer when preparing a meal. You and your family deserve to eat meals prepared with the fine precision of a sharpened knife.  Best Edge Sharpening offers you this precision with unrivaled convenience.  Our mobile service can come right to your door if that's your preference!


Are you getting ready for a neighborhood block party or birthday barbecue?  Let Best Edge Sharpening serve you before the big day and your hungry guests will thank you!!



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